Butterfly Projects and Attractions

Observe the Life Cycle (Growth) of a butterfly

Here is an exciting project that you and your children can enjoy as you watch and observe the life cycle of a butterfly right before your own eyes.

Materials that you will need:
Large Plastic Container with a lid


1.)  Make several holes in the lid of your plastic container (ice cream containers work really well).

2.)  Collect a few sticks or twigs and put them in your container.  These twigs will provide a place for the caterpillar to spin its protective shell and to grow in (develop).

3.)  Search your yard for several caterpillars on a leaves and place them in your plastic container and add a few more leaves from the same plant as well.  (This plant is most likely the source of food that the caterpillar eats).

4.)  Secure the lid on the plastic container and place it in a warm and safe place. Keep a check on your caterpillar box every day and be sure to add plenty of fresh leaves frequently. Put a few drops of water on some of the leaves as well.

5.)  In a couple of weeks the caterpillars should be forming its protective shell, called a chrysalis or cocoon.  It will look like a small brown case.

6.)  Once the caterpillars has developed their chrysalis' start checking on your container twice a day.  Now that the chrysalis' has been formed the butterfly/moth should hatch within 7 to 10 days.  (If it does not hatch within this time period you should place it back outside very carefully).

7.)  As soon as a butterfly or a moth appears you must release it to the outside.  Carefully carry your container outside and release your butterfly or moth.

What an amazing observation!