Butterfly Feeder

Homemade Butterfly Feeder

Below is a fun craft project you and your children can enjoy.  Once finished you can take delight in watching butterflies landing on you homemade feeder.


Materials that you will need:

Plastic Jug
Cotton Balls
Table Sugar
Bright Colored Plastic Bags
Plastic Cups (brightly colored Solo cups work well)
Sticky Back Velcro Strips or Double Sided Tape



1.)  Take a pin and pierce a hole on opposite sides at the top of your plastic cups.  Make sure that the two holes are directly across from each other so that the cup will hang evenly from a branch.

2.)  Cut a piece of string around 8-10 inched long and thread it through one hole and tie a knot and then do the same for the second hole.

3.)  Take the cotton ball and push half of it through the bottom hole so that half of the cotton ball is inside the cup and the other half is on the outside of the cup.

4.)  Cut out large circle from one of the plastic bags so that it is much larger than the bottom of your plastic cup.  Then go around the circle and cut it to make it look like petals of a flower.

5.)  Turn the cup upside down and attach the double sided tape, sticky back velco or modelling clay to the bottom of the cup and mount the plastic petal to the adhesive.

6.)  Take the pin and peirce a hole in the center of the cup and then use the pen to make the hole slightly bigger so that the cotton ball can be pushed through.

7.)  Push the cotton ball through the hole so that half of it is inside the cup and the other half is positioned on the outside of the cup.

8.)  Pour about a cup of water into a jug and add in a heaping tablespoon of table sugar.  Stir this mixture and then pour into the plastic cup.

9.)  Find a sturdy branch that you can reach and hang your butterfly feeder.

Keep a check on your butterfly feeder several time each day to see if you have attracted any butterflies to your yard. 

This sugary mixture is similar to the nectar that butterflies drink from flowers.