Build a Butterfly Garden

Building a Butterfly Garden can be very rewarding.

Take time to research and investigate what type of butterflies are in your area and what type of flowers and plants attract these butterflies.


Build a Butterfly Garden

Would you like to build your own butterfly garden? Turn your garden into a butterfly paradise by trying some of the following suggestions:

Butterflies need warmth, shelter and nectar.  There are several things you can do to attract butterflies into your garden. Different species of butterflies prefer different types of nectar. The food plants that you choose will determine the types of butterflies that will come to your garden. Leave dandelions to grow in your garden as butterflies like dandelions.  Plant wild flowers for butterflies to visit.

Sunny spots are good for the plants as well as for the butterflies.  Leave a bowl filled with a sweet liquid for butterflies.


What To Plant?

Ageratum (mauve, pink, white and blue flowering) are like by butterflies and make good bedding plants. This plant is also known as flossflowers.

English Lavendar - is a must to grow.  As it is a hardy shrub that needs pruning annually to help keep it from becoming too overgrown and wood.  Some trimming should take place after flowering and then cut back in the spring.

Lilac - comes in a large range of colors and is known as a tough shrub or small tree and flowers in the late spring and early summer.

Marigolds - Can be grown from seed or you can buy them as young plants for bedding in late spring.  Butterflies prefer the single form marigolds as it is easier for them to reach the nectar.


Wall Baskets and Hanging Baskets

Trees and shrubs provide butterflies with the shelter they need.